MLO generally does love her daycare. I have recently discovered though the fact that she actually loves the lady who runs the daycare.

This lady, unfortunately, had to run out of town because her father is dieing. She did a very good job of taking care of making sure the daycare will be open. Her usual helper is running things with other hands coming in to be the "helper". It is going to be a short trip (less than a week).

Well MLO totally refuses to let me peacefully leave her at daycare. She won't let go, just cries and hugs. Smiles at her friends playing, but won't go play.

She admitted to me today that she wanted her friend the daycare lady. She kept asking where she was. I explained to her that her daddy was sick and she had to go take care of him, but that was who she wanted.

I feel bad for the regular helper, who is a sweet lady and loves kids, but MLO and her never connected.

Just going to slug this one out too I guess, don't know what else to do.

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