This weekend is my 11th Wedding Anniversary.

So hubby and I are leaving MLO with grandma for the weekend and we are going out to a surprise location (my surprise for him).

This will be the first time we have left her with grandma for two nights (we did one night, ONCE before).

I am nervous and will be missing her terribly the whole time I am sure.

But I am looking forward to the relax time.

I explained everything to MLO and she seemed to understand, though not happy about it.

When I went to take her to daycare today, daddy came out to say bye to her before we drove off.

She wouldn't let go of him.

When we finally thought she was okay he kissed her and went back in the house.

As soon as she couldn't see him anymore, she started crying and saying she wanted her daddy.

I promised her we would come back quick and we would see her again and give lots of big hugs.

Her answer: "But I love my daddy".

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