Potty Trained

So Sunday morning we "ran out of diapers". I told MLO the night before when putting her in a diaper to go to sleep that it was the last one, she said ok.

Morning came and we didn't have anymore, so she could wear her panties. We had Ariel panties and she was excited to put them on.

We had two accidents in the morning (by some miracle they were both in the kitchen).

Then right before nap time I told her if she had an accident again she wouldn't get any more panties. She was unhappy and said ok.

She took a nap on a towel with her panties on. She woke up and about ten minutes after being awake yelled at me across the house that she had to go pee.

We ran to the potty and she was successful. We haven't had an accident since!! She even woke up in the middle of the night to go pee (she is wearing a pull-up to bed, though I am calling them her night time panties).

Such a relief! She is potty trained!!

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