Scary elbow thing again

Some time ago I mentioned a scary experience where MLO's elbow had gotten pulled out, called nursemaid elbow. Well it happened all over again today.

This time however, we were that much wiser.

MLO was happily playing on the couch and she tooks a little spill (landing on the couch cushions). Something that normally would have been not even noticed, but instead sends her into wailing tears. I think, tired or hungry.

However she starts pointing to her arm and refusing to move it. If I touch it, the crying gets louder. My memory immediately flies back to that original experience and we call the doctor who fixed it the first time. The wonderful man that he is, he agreed to meet us (Sundays are his day off) and take a look.

We pack her up (not easy) and drive out to his office, half an hour away.

It takes him five minutes, and a little tears from MLO, myself and hubby, and then she is fine.

Whole cycle took 3 hours (from time it happened until we got to the doctor and he fixed it).

While we are leaving and she is happily playing again I know I would pay anything, go any distance to make sure she stays that way.

Hopefully I am learning so as to make them smoother for her as well.

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