Hosted a party

Last night we hosted a party. Had about 30 of our family and closest friends (and their family) over to celebrate the purchase of our first house.

There were a lot of faces that MLO doesn't really know yet and so she spent most of the night doing the shy thing. Just wanted to be in my arms or on my lap and I definitely couldn't be out of sight.

Despite that, I still had a great time and got to chat with friends. It was a potluck and all the food was great (and plenty of it, thank goodness), we even barbecued for the first time at our new house.

We haven't moved in yet, so the house was empty except some chairs we managed to bring over. I believe everyone had a great time anyway.

After most of the people had left and all that was left were people she knew well, MLO opened up.

At one point, she was running around the house with a cup and fork and showing them to various people. If the people would play along and start naming the object she held out to them she would start laughing.

She would go faster and faster (between the cup and fork) until you started messing up and then just crack up.

We had to go back to our old (rented) place at the end of the night, but didn't want to leave the house.

Oh well, we will be there soon enough :)

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