Finding Nemo

MLO's favorite movie is "Finding Nemo" or "memo" as she puts it.

She loves the movie and smiles at the funny parts, laughs sometimes. Gets scared during the shark parts or other appropriately scary parts. She calls both Nemo and the father "Memo" (they do look pretty alike). She learned to say "turt" for turtle after watching the movie.

This movie has played at least once a day, each day, for the past few weeks.

I used to like this movie.

Now - I am thinking of forgetting it in some deep dark corner of the universe.

Is that evil?

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Kat said...

Kat I am sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment :(. Here it is for posterity (because it was funny and oh so true):

Too bad you don't have Dori's short term memory syndrome. That would make repeated viewings more bearable for you!