Head to Toe

So yesterday was my first experience of dirt actually spread head to toe.

MLO was playing outside and, as has happened a lot recently, she goes and sits in the dirt and moves it around. She makes piles on the ground and on her legs. She puts it on the sidewalk and spreads it around. She drops it like water onto other plants.

I have told people, figuratively speaking, that she gets covered from head to toe in dirt and loves it.

Well, yesterday this wasn't figurative at all. She was actually totally dirty. Her hair, face, neck, chest (shirt), arms, legs (shorts), socks and shoes.

I wasn't sure exactly how to proceed. If I let her in the house, the house would get filthy.

So I grabbed a few rags, got them wet and proceeded to at least wipe down the worst areas. She protested and hated that (but loved being dirty).

After I got her somewhat cleaner, we marched through the house and straight into the bathtub.

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