The Beach with MLO

We (meaning myself, the nanny, my sister and MLO) went to the beach today.

My sister just got out of school and since the nanny (who is a personal friend of my sister's) is going to Europe for six months at the end of this month, we thought it would be great if we all went out and did something.

Well, we went to the beach and got to watch MLO play in the sand. She wouldn't go anywhere near the water, but loved the sand.

There was a little slope near where we sat down and MLO had a great time rolling up and down the hill (getting totally covered in sand). She would lie on her belly in the sand and pick it up and throw it around.

She buried feet and dug holes.

My sister tried to make a sandcastle with her, but MLO had more fun trampling the towers then building them.

Lots of fun and good quality time with the people we love.

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