So I am on the hunt for a daycare and/or preschool for MLO.

Nanny is going away (all good reasons and we are all VERY happy for her) and so in order for me to continue working, must put her in a daycare/preschool (can't really afford the nanny thing anymore anyway).

There are SOOOO many out there it is hard to even pick a place to start. So I decided to start with the closest ones and work outward.

Went to one today that was very nice - they start at 3 months and take them all the way to 4 years. With real teachers so they actual start teaching them and they will help potty train your kid and all sorts of stuff. Nice place.

I am trying to not be too picky, because there isn't going to be any place like her actual home, but I want it to be as warm, safe and welcoming as possible.

The only other thing that is going to make this harder is the fact that I didn't immunize MLO.

Not sure how the laws work on this, but I guess any privately funded facility can choose not to let her in unless I immunize her. Since I won't do this, should be interest little fight I might have on my hands.

After I go through anything that looked promising, I will make my list and do the whole pros and cons thing. Then come up with the one I want her in and hope they still have space for her.

Oh well - all for the good of my daughter :)

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kat said...

You will find the right place for MLO. Stick to your convictions and the right environment for her will happen for sure.

(Love the new layout)