Live Performance

We (gramma, my sis and myself) took MLO to her first real live performance. It was a group of very talented kids who put on a two and a half hour show.

I figured if MLO got tired or if it got too late for her we could leave. We had seats in the back and it would have been easy to exit.

The first half of the show she was pretty much in my lap the whole time. Trying to figure out what was happening. We also had eaten a hasty dinner so she was a little hungry.

Well, after the intermission, where I picked up a better dinner for her, we got back to the show.

We are back in our seats, MLO is sitting in my lap and the music and dancing starts again. During the second number, MLO puts both hands in the air and starts singing. It was the cutest thing in the world (both gramma and my sis said they would have come to the show just to see MLO do that).

So, the whole second half MLO dances, sings and almost runs up to the stage a few times.

We got out of there around 10pm, but MLO had so much fun she wasn't cranky and didn't care at all how late it was.

We will be going back for more very soon.

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