We got a kitten

Sunday we picked up a ten-week-old kitten. He and his litter had been found by some friends of friends, abandoned at about week one. These friends of friends had taken the litter in and raised them for a bit. They are now looking for homes for each of the kittens.

Knowing that I have wanted a kitten for MLO, and hubby (who never had any pets whilst growing up) wanted one too, we went and picked him up.

His is a orange and white stripped tabby. We named him Thor because I have a tradition in my family that all our pets are named after mythological beings.

Well MLO loves him to pieces. She gives him hugs, pets him and tries to pick him up. She found a ball of hers that has a string attached to it (used to hang from her mobile) and Thor loves it. MLO will throw it across the room and he runs after it.

There is a lot of chasing and laughing right now and it is fabulous!!

They both seem to get tired about the same time too so I have a few photos of them resting next to each other.

Hubby had to stay up late last night and work and apparently Thor kept him company. Even when hubby fell asleep at his desk, Thor curled up on his lap.

He is the perfect new addition to the family.

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kat said...

I think pets complete a family. That's wonderful about Thor. Hooray for the whole fam.