So May has started and it is finally feeling like spring around here (living in LA means the weather doesn't change that drastically - I am talking more along the lines of something in the air).

MLO and I have spent a lot of time outside and while I have been extra careful to keep her soft skin protected, I am sporting a nice little sun burn.

Saturday I found a great park with all the play stuff just the right size for MLO. Most parks try to cater to a little older age group then MLO is and so all the slides and stuff to climb on is to big for her. This one was perfect and she loved it.

Sunday we went to a great big festival celebrating the Israel Independence Day - Yom Haatzmaut. There were rides, singing, dancing, food and tones of booths. MLO was having so much fun that even though she hadn't gotten a nap and was VERY tired she didn't want to leave.

We went with her Savta (Hebrew for Grandma) who had a great time running around with MLO.

Monday was quieter as we didn't leave our yard, but she had a great time with the flowers and such. I bought some sidewalk chalk recently and all the cement in both yards is covered now.

Over these last three days MLO has gotten about two baths a day too. So I would say she is one happy little girl.

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kat said...

Festivals are so much fun, aren;t they? I love cultural or regional celebrations. I bet there was so much for her to see and do!