Great Grandma gave us goodies

When I was little my grandma (MLO's GG or Great Grandma - the one who recently turned 80) always kept a cupboard where ever she lived, filled with kids books, toys and such stuff.

I am the oldest grandkid (by five years) so GG's collection started small with me and just grew and grew. Whenever any of the grandkid's where at her place she would open it up and we would pull out all the stuff.

I remember reading the books and naming the animals for the first time (showing them to my mom).

I remember climbing under the overlap of her kitchen island to open the cupboard and pull items out.

I loved that cupboard and it meant grandma's house for me.

Well, GG decided it was time to clean out the cupboard.

All the grandkids had grown and I am the only one with a great grandkid (none of the others are married or close to such a development in their lives).

So GG gave me all the stuff.

MLO is having a great time playing with the new books. There are a bunch of pop-up books of animals and places. She also got little dolls and such from other countries like New Zealand.

There were also some of those classic story books. The ones with about 40-80 stories in them, that will probably be worth money when MLO grows up.

So we both have a lot of new reading material and I feel like grandma is now always near me.

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