When we have new visitors

Some old friends stopped by the house last night. They had never met MLO before and so she didn't know them.

Meaning as soon as they walked in the door she crawled into my arms and buried herself there. Part of the new shyness that she has going on.

After about fifteen minutes she finally released me from her death grip and was willing to sit on my lap, on the floor and play with her toys. Stealing occasional glances at the "strangers".

About an hour later she was running around, happily putting stickers on the nose of our female friend and so on. She was having so much fun with her new friends, she didn't want to go to bed.

Usually come bed time she starts getting mellow, or if she tries to play, she hurts herself (not really, but you know that tired small hurt that happens with tired little ones).

Last night, she was running around and fell down a few times and just got back up and kept playing. She really didn't want to give me any excuse for me to put her in her bed.

It is so funny to me that MLO will not want to let a stranger near her for about fifteen minutes. It is as if they are required to last that long (without turning into monsters or getting thrown out by daddy or anything else bad) then decides they are okay and plays with them like no bodies business.

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