Errant raisin

A few days ago MLO found an errant raisin on the carpet and decided to pick it up and eat it. This was left over from an earlier in the day snake of raisins where the box must have been tipped over when I wasn't looking.

Seeing my daughter eat something off the floor I freaked out and grabbed it out of her mouth.

Oh - just a raisin.

Of course MLO didn't like that and grabs it back out of my hand and pops it in her mouth - quickly swallowing it.

It was yummy (she is very fond of raisins) and looks for more.

Miracle of miracles she finds two more (I checked what it was, but she wouldn't let me get anywhere near it) and decides to eat them too.

This has lead to a daily hunt now on the carpet for something edible. This has also lead to more than once a day vacuuming and sweeping.

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kat said...

I know this has nothing to do with MLO but I just read yesterday that if you take a raisin and you put it in a glass of champagne it will bounce up and down from the bottom to the top of the glass over and over and never stop.

Isn't that weird?