Dislocated shoulder or "nursemaid's elbow"

Another inspired blog from what I have been reading by all the new friends I am making in the blog world.

When MLO was about 13 months old something happened and it took forever to figure out what was wrong.

She started crying all the time, didn't want to move and do anything. She didn't feel feverous or look sick, just something was in pain. It was late at night when it happened and we called our doctor. She said to see if it got better in the morning.

That night was awful, I finally got her to fall asleep on me (I was on the couch) laying on her side. If I moved at all, she would wake up and scream in pain again.

In the morning I noticed that she didn't move one of her arms. It just hung limp by her side and if you touched the arm she would scream. If you didn't get anywhere near it, she was as happy as a clam.

So we took her to the doctor (it actually wasn't our doctor because she was with her newborn baby herself, it was her stand in). He looked at her and said that her shoulder was dislocated and we would have to take her to the emergency room and sedate her so they could put it back.

I was in absolute tears and freaking out (I know this doesn't compare to what some people have gone through, but this was the worst thing that had happened to my otherwise very healthy little girl).

My hubby was skeptical and since we aren't very fond of the whole sedation thing (though would do it in a second if it is really what is needed) he wanted to get a second opinion. He called our friend who also is a chiropractor and we explained what was happening.

He said to bring MLO to him right away as it didn't sound like a dislocated shoulder, but in fact what is called "nursemaid's elbow" (search around, a lot of information on the Internet regarding this).

I arrived at his office and he squeezed us in to his booked day. He had to put her elbow back in place which wasn't the easiest thing in the world (my goodness - I have never cried so much without my own physical pain being felt).

It took three tries, but suddenly she was moving her arm (I tricked her into reach out to a flower) and she was totally back to normal.

Needless to say, that friend got one of the biggest hugs I have ever delivered.

We went home and we never had a problem in that regard again.

Guess the moral here is that as a mom (or dad) go with your gut. Seek the right advice and listen to what the professionals say, but you will know when it is right.

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kat said...

I've heard of this happening before.

Oh your sweet little MLO. You must've been so scared! I'm glad it was something (somewhat simple to correct) like this.