Petting Farm

Our big activity for memorial day was a Petting Farm - not a zoo, but just some farm land with animals wandering all over.

There were goats, lambs, sheep, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, ostriches and more. We didn't buy the feed because I didn't want MLO to be rushed.

It took about half an hour for MLO to warm up to being surrounded by animals. At first she wouldn't let me put her down, I would kneel to pet the animals.

After a little bit it was okay if she was down on the ground and no animals were walking in her direction.

Then there were no barriers. She walked up to any animal and would pet it. We found a nearby plant that most of the animals liked to eat and would pick it and feed it to the animals (then we didn't have to buy feed or get rushed).

My sis came along and she really wanted to pet the pot-belly pig, but he wasn't into it. Didn't let anyone pet him and so we cornered him and my sis got to pet him quickly while he ran by us.

The had a little playground in one section of the farm and MLO spent a bunch of time on the slide.

MLO was having so much fun she didn't want to leave and I had to take a crying little girl out of the farm (she was also tired and hungry).

We got to see some bunnies while we left and that cheered her up.


kat said...

Petting farms are so great, aren't they. It's such a good way to gain more understanding of animals. Yay MLO is learning to love animals early!

Good job mommy! Well done!


deejinator said...

Hi Romie,

Long time, no type. That sounds like a good weekend to me. La Nina loves the local historic farm for that very reason.