Water Bottle of Pennies

When MLO was born I decided that I would keep my old bottle of pennies in her room because it would be fun to look at and make noise with, etc.

It is one of those 3 (or 5, can't remember which and am too lazy to go check while I am writing this) gallon water bottles that you get from those water companies. I have had it since I was around 12 and kept my pennies in it.

It has been awhile since I counted them, but at last count there was about forty dollars worth of pennies in there.

MLO has just started showing a real interest in it. She tries to move it around (near impossible for me to do) and loves to put pennies into it. She also likes to look through the opening in the top and study the change inside (it is very funny to see a little girl with her head attached to the top of one of these water bottles, intently studying the pennies).

If she sees any change around she will steal it and put it in the penny jar. Then gets a little frustrated that she can't get them back out.

Hopefully this will lead to good money saving skills later.

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