June arrived

Wow, June arrived and totally took me by surprise. Haven't had time to breath really and keep track of all that has happened.

We do have a new invented word by MLO "mommyda". This is a person who is supposed to be at her beck and call. From what we have been able to figure out it is either both or us (mommy and do) or either one of us (mommy or da). However sometimes she does mean both and when only one responds she gets upset.

Today is her first day at a daycare. I will probably be worried about her all day (even though my sis is there for most of the day with her to get her feeling safe there).

Other than that, we are working on getting the new house set up for us to move. Helping the landlord find a renter for our current place.

Plus MLO was sick on Sunday and on and on.

Will get back to funnier individual anecdotes in a bit :)

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