I am still here

Just crazy busy.

Took MLO for her check-up today which went well. She is perfect (we knew that but nice to hear the doctor say so). She is good weight and actually off the chart height wise (for her age).

Yes, the thoughts I was having just the other day weren't off - she is getting tall!!

During the doctor's visit she was a perfect little angel. Though she didn't care for the things in her ears - she put up with it all quite well. The doctor recently had a baby (little boy - currently 6 months old) so we shared stories.

We also had an interesting discussion on vaccinations/immunizations.

Though I am sure many may be shocked to hear this - I haven't given my daughter any. She is in perfect health and stays at home with me and her nanny.

Did you know that they put Mercury in the vaccination shots they give children? There is on going research which shining the light on the fact that Autism can be a result of vaccinations and they say it is in the mercury.

Sorry - too scary for me. Especially when she has only had a slight flu twice and otherwise is perfect at every check-up.

Now, when older this may change. Apparently (per my doctor) when the child is older, the body is more able to deal with shots and these chemicals that are put in their bodies. She has never heard a story of a child over 2 developing autism because of shots.

So, once they pass that threshold you are safer.

This all made me feel better about my choice not to immunize her yet - to wait until she is older and her body has gotten stronger and more able to deal with such things.

Little disclaimer so I don't get anyone in trouble: I am not a doctor and this is my personal views and understanding - go over this with a trained person :)


kat said...

Romie aren't vaccines required for entry to school? Or will YLO be home schooled?

Hooray for her getting taller!

Romie said...

There are some schools that require it and some that let you sign a form stating why you didn't do it. Depends on which school we want to put her in. Also, I may do it after she is two years old and her little body can handle it.

Thanks :)

Revka said...

You know, I never realized I had a choice until recently. I don't see why we are practically required to inject our children with substances that have more than a slight risk of harming them! Mercury?!?