Quiet Day

Not much to say about today, basically quiet and the same old stuff.

MLO did have a blast running around me in circles waiting for me to grab her. A game we play where I sit indian style on the ground and she runs in circles around me. Every now and then I reach out and grab her, tickle her until she squeels and then release her. She then runs around again.

We play this game for at least an hour whenever mommy is up to it. She can't get enough and even when she is so dizzy she can't keep her circle, she can't stop laughing and trying to run.

Other than that, work is getting a little tedious and I need to liven it up somehow. Since I am a consultant and not employed by any one company, this is possible for me to do. So, will have to work out something on this.

Hope everyone is having an okay week and keeping productive if nothing else :)

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deejinator said...

Isn't intersting that the funnest games we play with our kids are the simplest. La Nina loves it when I do my gorilla imitation. she will run into her mothers arms for protection, then run back and tell me to do it again.

Those are the best of times.