Daddy and MLO

I think MLO is punishing daddy for not being around.

Last week there were a few days in a row (Tue-Thur) that he worked late out and wasn't around. This meant that MLO didn't get her daddy play time. Most of the weekend he was busy in the office or something and she didn't get to see him much.

So now, she is ignoring him when he walks in the room. He will ask for a hug and she says "no" and turns away. He is still laughing about it, but it hurts me a little.

I told him he needs to stay home and play in her room with her (whether he was invited or not) and the three of us should do something together. Once she is playing with him, I plan to try and sneek out (to the living room) and let them play.

Hopefully this will restore the bond and get her running to him like she used to.

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