MLO and bath time

MLO loves taking a bath, as long as:

a) someone is playing with her at all times
b) all (and I mean all) of her bath toys are in the bath tub
c) the water is very warm (almost hot)
d) the water is high enough so she can almost swim in it
e) you don't try to wash her hair

Of course, "e" gets done everytime and I have still (after 16 months of doing this) not figured out how to get through this time without her screaming at the top of her lungs.

That was, until last night. I bought a Shampoo Rinsing Cup thinking that I was just dreaming that it would make it better.

You know what - it did. She almost didn't stop playing with her toys while I rinsed her head (she did stop, but no screaming and went straight back to the toys).

I really thought about how I was going to use it before I started, planning it out in my head to somehow make it not too dramatic. And it worked!!!

Believe me, this makes bath time so much easier to confront each night.


deejinator said...

Ah yes, bath time. A time to let the little one relax and get ready for bed. Not!!!

I don't know if this happens with MLO, but with La Nina, baths make her hyper. No, let me rephase that...hhhyyyyppppeeeerrrr!!!!!!

She goes nuts after a bath. Like a little jumping bean.

That rinsing cup looks coll though.


El Queso Grande said...

Shampoo rinsing cup. Genius. I've trained my 3 yr old to grudgingly accept the bucket of H20 over her head already, but this process looks much 'nicer'. Thanks for the post!

Revka said...

I never used those squirt bottles the hospital gives you after you deliver, and one day I somehow thought to fill one with warm water and use it to rinse my daughters' hair. Wow! They actually loved it! It sounds like your situation is similar. Thank goodness for tricks that make our lives easier!