MLO is daddy's little girl

Quick note, but it was so cute.

MLO likes to play with daddy when he is home and not working. She will grab him by the finger and drag him off to her room. She would happily play with him for hours just sitting on her floor and bringing him different toys.

Yesterday night daddy finally came home. All she wanted was hugs. It was the cutest thing in the world, she wouldn't let him put her down. She had her arms around him in a strangle hold. He was even trying to unload his car and had to do it all one handed because she just would not let go.

When I got too close she squeezed even tighter and gave me the evil eye.

It was too precious :)


deejinator said...

I can tell you as a "daddy" that has had this happen, that there is not a better feeling in the world.


kat said...

xvyHahahah! She certainly sounds like daddy's girl!

MLO sounds completely precious.

Romie said...

Deej - exactly :)

Kat - she is totally precious. I didn't know you could love something so much, but you can.