Driving with my sleeping babies

Yesterday we all went out to do errands after work.

MLO still regularly falls asleep in the car seat to the rhythm of the car. What was even funnier when hubby fell asleep right next to her.

The picture of my two sleeping babies was totally precious.

When we arrived to our destination I gently woke up hubby first. He looked over at MLO and laughed, knowing what a precious picture it must have been.

When I opened the door next to MLO's car seat and woke her she also smiled.

She had a fun time at the errands, grocery shopping with me handing her the items and she puts them in the cart (this is only way she will stay seated for long enough to complete the shopping).

When we got home she then helps empty the bags. Taking one item out at a time and handing it to whoever is in front of the fridge.

She is so helpful it is unbelievable.

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kat said...

I just got caught up on MLO's week. Sounds like she is a very smart cookie and expresses her feelings honestly.

Nice traits, esp at such a young age.

The nap sounds cute, too!