Fun weekend

Well I had a fun weekend.

Hubby and I pulled out his old bicycle and we put a baby seat on it. Then MLO and I went bike riding. She hates the helmet, but when we go fast and see a lot of things flashing by she forgets she has it on.

She loved it when I chased the birds and made them fly everywhere.

We got the kind of seat that is in the middle of the bike like this:

The bike is really steady and she can see so much more.

We then cleaned out several rooms of the house of all that stuff that accumulates over holidays and so on. While it may not sound fun - it is fun to be able to walk in rooms that we couldn't walk in before.

Then on Sunday, MLO grandma came and took her for a bunch of hours and I got some time for myself. I went shopping (hit some great sales) and saw "The Holiday" which was a cute movie and good for me at that exact moment.

So a fun weekend!!

BTW - No one is paying me any money for this stuff. Thought I would say that with all this silly controversy about bloggers being paid to say good stuff. Honestly everything is going to be abused by some people, but not everyone. I know people who do get paid but only take the money when they honestly liked the product. They didn't write good stuff just to write good stuff, they were honest. So everyone should just pipe down for goodness sakes.

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