Checking out schools

Because my hubby and I are doing okay financially, I plan on putting MLO in a private school. I have lost faith in the public schools and if I can see she gets a good education than I want to.

Went to one possible school that was having an open house for prospective future families (ones too small to start now). It was interesting and fun, big campus (2 acres) with music, painting, sculpture, science, computer and library. They have a well ranked soccer team and the basketball team has a player getting scholarship offers. The school is small and they like it that way, only about 15-20 in a class. The student to teacher ratio is one teacher for every 10 students and this a rule for the school.

Overall - sounds great. Cost less than what I am currently paying my nanny so that is good :)

Then we got information on pre-schools and there is one near me (haven't seen yet) that is run by the local Catholic church and sounds fabulous. Plan on giving them a call and stopping by soon. MLO is ready for playing with other kids and not just me and the nanny.

It is hard to imagine her big enough to go to school though - I almost want her to be my little one forever.

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kat said...

I think private school is THE way to go. MLO is very lucky to have that to look forward to! They spend more time focusing on arts and sciences and such. And you're so right about her getting better attention and teaching than at a public school (nothing against teachers of course, judt against administration).

Also.. thank you for your advice the other day, I think it's a lovely idea and I will definitely use it in the future when I am in a situation like that again. You are a sweetheart!