Sushi night

Last night we went over to some friends house who know how to do sushi at home. They taught us and we got to make and eat our own sushi - it was delicious.

There is this thing called a battleship. Which starts as a "ball" of rice in the shape of a quarter. You then wrap seaweed around the quarter and make this empty cylinder. It can be as tall as you want, but the whole thing goes in your mouth at once, so don't make it too tall!

You wet the edge of the seaweed so it will stay together. You then stuff the cylinder with whatever you want. You pick up the whole thing, let it sit in soy sauce for a few seconds and then tilt your head back and drop it in.

Your mouth is very full, but it is really yummy because you put exactly what you want in it.

MLO loves fish and especially sushi. I would say it is currently her favorite food (a little strange for a 16 month old - but she is related to us). She ate as much sushi as I did, and I was no slouch last night because it was so good.

This of course, meant that last night, MLO sleeped through the night. Her little tommy was so full, which is a nice thing to have happen.

She regularly sleeps about six hours straight, but wakes up once still and cries until I get her. But if we stuff her full (which she only does if it is food she really likes), then she sleeps eight to ten hours straight. Mommy definitely likes those nights :)

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kat said...

Isn't making your own sushi fun? I tried it for the first time about two weeks ago. Made salmon and cream cheese rolls and lobster and avocado.

I'll have to try what you made. Sounds delish!