More of MLO as daddy's little girl

We all got a touch of the flu this last week. I probably with the worse case and hubby with the mildest.

Yesterday, hubby let lose a sneeze (note: hubby's sneezes make the planet slightly change it's orbit and MLO has always been a little worried about hubby when he sneezes).

So after yesterday's sneeze which was a nice and loud one, MLO gets a worried look on her face. I tell her that it was just daddy sneezing and he is okay. She looks at him and he smiles and waves. She runs over to him with her arms up (the classic pick me up move) and gets scooped into his arms.

She then proceeds to pat him on the back as if saying "it's okay".

We died laughing.


deejinator said...

Maybe it's a guy thing, because my sneezes do that to. I practically have my head end up between my knees.


Romie said...

Deej, maybe it is. I will survey my friends and find out!