The year so far

Okay 2007 has been crazy so far.

Unfortunately MLO (my little one) got sick on the 2nd. She is doing better now, but nose still runs and she sneezes and coughs. Makes for sleepless nights for mommy and daddy.

It was daddy's birthday yesterday and I got my mom to come watch MLO and we went out to dinner. Had a nice evening - but we were both really tired we were almost piteful.

We went to a fancy shabu shabu restaurant (the Japanese kind were you sit in front of boiling water and you cook your own food). Kind of strange to be going out to eat and cook your own food. But it was good and this was a place hubby had wanted to go to for some time.

Then we both came home and MLO was still sniffling and I got to stay up another night with her (fits and starts of sleep).

So today is an interesting day. Work seems to be eluding me and I can't concentrate (sorry if their are typos - too tired to worry about it).

So, this is 2007 so far, not as promising as I had hoped.

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