Picking a theme

I feel like I should pick a more specific theme for this blog. Anyone out there (yes my "many" readers) have an idea on an area that isn't already in overkill on blogging?

There are many great parenting blogs out there (so my blogroll). I work in the SEO industry and don't even want to compete there. I have found a few movie review places also. I don't read enough with MLO around to be able to do a book review type thing.

I could do a magazine issue review thing (get a few different ones currently) - do you know if there is one already out there?

I would still put in my usual rant, but with a theme, I wouldn't feel so lost :)


kat said...

Well.. you are a city bound chick (I think) so maybe you can blog about strangers you meet or something random like that. I enjoy reading about YLO, though so I hope you continue to do so.

deejinator said...

I agree with Kat, I like your blog the way it is.