Silly lawyers and breastfeeding

To the gentlemen readers (because I know there are so many of you) - I won't be offended if you skip this post :)

I am pro breastfeeding and breastfeed my daughter (still am) and plan to do the same with any more I have.

A very interesting project was done by Jennifer Laycock who started a business to get funding for milk banks. She made funny T-shirts to promote breastfeeding and the money that was made went to these chairties. One of the the shirts said "the other white milk".

The legal counsel for The National Pork Board sent her a letter stating that they were prepared to sue her if she didn't bow to their demands.

The demand is that the phrase "the other white milk" violates their trademark on the phrase "the other white meat." She has to remove the shirt from her site and any other sites she knows of, destroy any shirts that exist with the logo and demand that at no point in the future use the phrase in a commercially profitable way.

On Jennifer's blog she says: "Apparently the National Pork Board is worried that someone might come to my breastfeeding blog, check out the shirts and worry that when I say "white milk" what I really mean is "thick and juicy, straight from the hog PORK." Come on now, be honest...were you confused?"

The actual letter also states:

"In addition, your use of this slogan also tarnishes the good reputation of the National Pork Board's mark in light of your apparent attempt to promote the use of breastmilk beyond merely for infant consumption, such as with the following slogans on your website in close proximity to the slogan "The Other White Milk." "Dairy Diva," "Nursing, Nature's Own Breast Enhancement," "Eat at Mom's, fast-fresh-from the breast," and "My Milk is the Breast."

This is so silly and stupid. Can't believe it really. Jennifer doesn't really care that much about the shirt - it would be okay with her not to use it again. But there is the principal of the thing.

So Jennifer is wondering: Anyone know a good pro bono lawyer that's sympathetic to the breastfeeding cause?

You can find out more at: http://thelactivist.blogspot.com/


deejinator said...

This all sounds so silly to me. The people on this board must not have even the slightest bit of a sense of humor. I think that is a very funny slogan, as are all of the others. They need to get a life.


kat said...

Wow! That's such crap! How can that be possible with all those t-shirts out there using similar logos and changing them slighting to make some sort of drug or alcohol reference? I mean this is MILK for crying out loud. Milk we were pretty much all raised on for crying out loud.

Please keep us posted on this!