MLO and dinner time

Dinners have gotten more and more interesting:

We went through the feed me only stage.

Then we went through the I want to do it myself stage. She loved to eat with her fork and her plate. Occasionally wanting to use her fork to get something off of mommy's or daddy's plate. We have been practicing stabbing things and getting it into her mouth (once I help stab, she can do the rest).

Last night, she sat in her high chair and I put her plate in front of her with her fork. She didn't want anything from her plate. No matter if she saw me take it off my plate and put it on hers. She also didn't want to use her own fork.

No, she wanted to sit on my lap and use my fork and my plate. Nothing else would do and I mean nothing else.

Don't get me wrong, MLO is a total angel. She stopped throwing tantrums (that only lasted about a week or two) but just keeps saying "no" over and over. Not yelling, just "no, no, no, no, no, no, no" and arms out reaching.

I could probably out-last her if I really tried. But who wants to try.

So last nights dinner was in my lap, the plate far enough away that her little arms couldn't reach it, and us taking turns using the fork.


deejinator said...

We struggle with dinner time, too. Most of the time La Nina doesn't want to eat, and we are having a hard time taking her doctors advice that when she is hungry she will eat.


Pass The Torch said...

I remember all those stages! Every year seems to bring a new challenge - but things get easier at the same time.

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