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So all the blog recommendations I have read said I need to post daily. Just sometimes life swoops in and takes me away with it and I don't get a chance.

Might explain why I haven't become the most popular blogger in the world (since my subjects are so interesting and I am sure EVERYONE wants to read it).

So, yes, yesterday was one of those days and I just couldn't find a minute. Not that I am free and relaxed now, I just felt obligated to at least say hi to you all.


Valentines was fabulous and hubby even went and picked MLO up without me and let me crawl into bed (for sleep) after our activities were over.

Yesterday night was just me and MLO because hubby had to work late (didn't come home until midnight).

We had a great time with pasta and quesadilla's for dinner (strange combo, I know, but they both have cheese).

Her monkey chased her around the house, she ran around me in circles, the ponies got to run along all the furniture, she rocked in her rocking chair to her favorite CD, we watched Smallville and Grey's Anatomy together (well she fell asleep in my lap during Grey's Anatomy) and then the night was peaceful.

Except I couldn't fall asleep last night. The last time I looked at the clock it said 2am and I hadn't slept. I was tired, but my mind was racing.

I am one of those people who avoid taking "things" for simple ailments – don't do Tylenol or sleep medicines. I do natural things instead.

So, maybe tonight I will have hubby hit me over the head with a mallet. humph.

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Revka said...

You are a riot! I totally howled with laughter when you said that maybe your husband could hit you over the head with a mallet! I, too, sometimes struggle with frequent posting. On the other hand, I sometimes struggle with posting too frequently for my family's good. LOL I'm sure there's a balance somewhere!