MLO is growing

Yesterday MLO didn't just reach up onto the dinning room table to grab something, she actually stood on her toes and looked over the edge.

When did that happen?

Since I see her everyday I guess I miss the little details of her growing. The nanny says every time she sees her again on Monday (after the weekend) she seems so much bigger.

Well this little one also almost opened the front door yesterday. Have to keep an eye on that one and start locking the door at all times so she doesn't decide to go running out.

She also can open all the dresser drawers and pull out all her clothes (and mommy and daddy's clothes from our dresser).

She loves to practice sitting on chairs (that are so tall she can't put her feet on the ground) and jumping off them. Attempting to land squarely on her feet.

The playground visits are full of attempts to climb up backwards on the slide and the frustration of not being able to get to the top.

She wants to help cook to, or at least play with the items on the stove since mommy is using them.

Yes - my days are very full :)

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