Relaxing Weekend

I hope everyone's weekend was as relaxing as mine was. I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything in particular.

While I wouldn't want this every weekend (because then I would get bored) it was nice this once.

MLO went and saw grandma on Saturday and I got to run around and leisurely pick up some items I needed (and a few I didn't need but you understand).

Sunday was the family hanging out and listening to showtunes and dancing. MLO loves to sway and dance to music (her dancing is spinning around and around in a circle until her feet fall out from under her).

She can now say the word "music" and says it often because she just loves listening to music. I must say - I must have done something right.

For me the best part was: I got to pick up my book!!!

Before MLO was born I was a huge reader. I would just read and read and read and read and read and well you get the idea.

I have been on the same book since before MLO was born! Now, it isn't a small book (the last book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series - 800+ pages), but before MLO, I would have read that thing in a month easily.

17 months later - I am on page 550. So yesterday while MLO was napping I got to read. Wow, I miss reading. It is so fun to go somewhere else for a little while (even if it makes you cry and for those who have read the book - WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!).

I am going to try to get more time for myself and my book, without missing out on any of MLO's growing up.

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