Illness and vitamins

Sorry, I got a touch of whatever is floating around and was out sick for a little bit. Hit it hard with vitamins and such and really seems to have lasted only one day.

I am going to rant a little bit about recent news I have seen about vitamins (specifically antioxidants) not being as good for you as thought.

I know, from personal experience, this is total bunk. While not a regular vitamin taker I do take them whenever I am not feeling well and 99% of the time, it handles it.

Another point is my mother, who does many things wrong in taking care of herself, one thing she does right are the vitamins. She had eczema and totally handled it with vitamins (one of the Bs) for example.

I am not a doctor nor a scientist, but my personal experience:
* my mom as above
* my hubby who takes HUGE amounts of vits and can work on little sleep and be okay
* my sister who is an athlete and takes her vits
* myself and handling illness

I would say that whoever is doing these studies, might have a vested interest somewhere else.

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Revka said...

I think you are absolutely right about the "vested interest" theory!