Moving from highchair to booster seat

MLO hates the highchair and likes to sit in the grown-up chairs and eat (even though she can't really see what is on the table). Well, sometimes she stands on the grown-up chairs and eats.

She puts up with the highchair for a little bit but eventually refuses to eat anything and just holds her arms out to you. She is very stubborn about this (unfortunately both my hubby and I have a very stubborn side which we seemed to have passed on to her).

So I ordered this booster seat, seemed like it would be great as we can take it places, plus it ties down to the chair. She doesn't have to be stuck behind the tray and we can just sit her in it and she can be in the grown-up chair and sit at the table.

Well, I got it yesterday and set it up before dinner last night.

My, what a happy little girl!!

While she didn't make it all the way through the meal, she did eat pretty much everything, herself, from her seat.

This morning before work, she wanted to sit in the chair and drink out of her sippy cup. Not once, but three times.

She points at my chair and waits for me to sit down and then picks up her cup and drinks out of it.

When she was done with her drink she started trying to climb down (next trick) and I helped her.

The progression of growing up, my oh my.

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Revka said...

My girls didn't last too long in highchairs, either. I never did purchase a booster seat, though your sounds great. My kids just had to stand in an adult chair. My youngest, now 18 mos. - stands in the captain's chair at the end of our table. I like that it has arms to help keep her from falling out.