When MLO was really little she hated to wear hats. Any hat would be meet with tears and when she could yank them off her head herself, she would do so immediately.

People would buy her the cutest hats and I would resort to putting them on her stuffed animals (which she thought was hilarious).

Her favorite stuffed animal to dress up is her monkey. It is one of those long limbed ones with velcro on the hands. I think this monkey has worn every piece of clothing MLO has owned over the last six months (certainly hope the monkey is a girl).

Well over the weekend we were dressing up monkey in some of MLO's overalls. I put MLO's baseball cap on the monkey and MLO started laughing. She then grabbed it off the monkey and put it on her head.

To say the least I was astonished.

It was a little big for her and the rim kept falling in her eyes which she didn't like. So I changed it around so the rim was in the back.

She loved it!!

She had to go show daddy and then walked around the house with the baseball cap.

Guess the rule of no hats for MLO has just changed :)

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