Blankies and teddies

The classic thing you hear is that babies/toddlers have a favorite blanket or teddy bear that they take everywhere with them. It comforts them and they like to fall asleep with it.

MLO has a pillow.

The story goes when she was very small moving her down into her bassinet or crib would wake her up and she would scream bloody murder. My hubby came up with the bright idea to put her on a pillow and then move the pillow into her final resting place.

This was great and helped me sleep (especially in the beginning when there were few chances to do so).

We used a pretty flat pillow (one that you would otherwise throw away, because for an adult it does nothing). We had a set of matching pillowcases that became that pillow's mark (this way we could change the pillowcase to be washed but the pillow wouldn't have appeared to change).

Her whole body laid flat on it and as I said, it worked great.

Now a days, she loves that pillow. Her feet dangle off the bottom of it and she doesn't fit anymore, but you bring out that pillow and she lays down on it. She likes to have it over her too. It is her blanky (just a pillow).

I didn't even realize that this would happen, though if I had taken the time then to think about it, I would have realized we would create a reliance on it.

Oh well, it is still really cute and if it helps her fall asleep, I am all for it.

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kat said...

That sounds so sweet how she falls asleep on it and then you carry her to sleep. I love it!

MLO is too cute for words!