Stuffed animals in cages

New game with MLO:

She finds a stuffed animal and we throw it in her crib. Then the stuffed animals head gets pulled through the bars.

She runs around her room (and the rest of the house) collecting up all the stuffed animals she can find and we do this to each.

Her crib becomes a wall of stuffed animal heads. She thinks it is SOOOO funny.

After we have gotten all the stuffed animals in her crib, she then pulls each one out (some are impossible to do this with and mommy helps her cheat by pulling them from behind and then MLO gets to pull them off the top where mommy puts them).

Then each stuffed animal gets returned to where she found it (I don't know how she remembers where she found it, but somehow she does).

Once all the stuffed animals are out of their cage, the whole thing starts all over again.

The whole time, MLO is laughing (sometimes so hard she falls down when she is running to put some large stuffed animal away and she can't stop giggling).

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