It is very interesting what happens to two married people who both consult and have a 16 month old daughter. We are working to make sure we have enough money around for anything.

We go a long time without seeing each other.

Hubby finally had a night at home with us (we seems to be running about one night a week at home with the family). However he had slept two hours the night before and just kept falling asleep.

MLO had fun jumping on him when he was asleep and waking him up. She would wait until his eyes had closed, hear a faint little snore and then jump!!

Luckly hubby stayed in a good mood about it and would grab her and tickle her back (probably why she kept doing it).

At least she found a way to play with daddy when he was too tired for anything else.

At the end of the night (after I put MLO to bed) I had to drag him to the bedroom and put him to bed also.

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