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Hello, thought I would preserve for posterity our trip to San Francisco over the holidays. I know, holidays are over, move on, but I do want to remember it so here goes anyway:

We flew to SF and got there Thursday night (the 20th). Brought grandma along so she could watch MLO and hubby and I would get some time to do stuff ourselves too.

We arrived to find the hotel room not what we wanted. We had gotten a "Junior Suite" but what it really was, was a room, slightly bigger than a regular room so they could fit a love seat and coffee table in, in addition to the beds, the usual desk, dresser and TV. After some discussion we decided to leave it be and we would be fine.

Friday we worked (great start to the holiday right) with MLO and grandma playing back at the hotel and hubby and I at starbucks, getting on-line and finishing up some work before the holidays.

Friday night we went to Fisherman's wharf saw the huge Christmas tree they had covered in blue lights (MLO had fun running under the tree and looking up and coming back out).

We went on a horse and carriage ride which MLO loved. We paid for half an hour ride and when we were done MLO didn't want to get down from the carriage.

Saturday was an hour drive to see family and get our "holiday" family party over with. My mom has three sisters, they all have kids and so it isn't a small party. MLO was the highlight of the party with my 14 and 17 year-old girl cousins asking people how they could be doing anything else but playing and watching MLO.

Sunday we went back to Fisherman's Wharf and thought we were going to make it to the Aquarium they have on one of the piers. But nap time and eating didn't work out before we had to leave to catch our plane back home.

We ate at Rainforest Cafe which MLO also loved, we stayed there two hours (part of why the aquarium didn't work out). Then walked along Pier 39 and MLO went on the carousel at the end of the wharf.

It was a great trip, not to stressful, plenty of relax time, we could easily change our plans as needed (something you must be able to do in order to enjoy it when you have 2 year old along).

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kailani said...

I love San Francisco. My favorite thing to do is have the clam chowder in bread bowl. Sounds like you had a great time!