Stomach Flu

Well alrighty then - my entire household was out with the stomach flu, MLO got it, I got it and hubby got it (also my mother got it who came over to help when I got it).

Happy to report that we all seem to be on the mend now. However there is the huge pile of laundry to do now as well as some mad work catch-up.

MLO got it first and I spent a lot of time over the potty with her throwing up. So when I got it and she first saw me throwing up she came over and stood next to me (while I hurled into the potty).

When I was done she smiled at me, pulled my head to her chest (I was sitting on the floor and she was standing) and hugged me and patted the back of my head.

I have never felt more comforted than at that moment.

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kailani said...

What a compassionate child! You're so blessed!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Nothing worse than the stomach flu!