Thor "kibby"

I love watching MLO play with her "kibby" (though it is now kitty more often).

We bought Thor some toys and MLO loves to "play" with her.

She makes me throw the balls really far and we watch Thor run after the ball, then MLO follows behind screaming, "no, Thor" wanting to fetch the ball and have me throw it again.

This has lead to Thor being protective of her "toys".

Case in point, we popped some popcorn in our air popper and unpopped kernals made mad dashes for freedom all over the kitchen floor. MLO and I picked most of them up, but as Thor proved we missed some.

Thor had a great time pushing them around the floor and chasing them. Whenever MLO got interested Thor would practically sit on the kernel and look up at her when she came over pretending that there was nothing there.

MLO would try to move Thor and have success part of the time, not every time. They both seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the game.

I had a great time watching too, my belly still hurts.


kailani said...

It's so great that they get along. Girlie Girl doesn't like our cats very much. I'm not sure why.

kat said...

HAHA! There is only one thing cuter than an animal or a child: an animal and a child playing together.