Contrary child getting better

Well, we have gone two nights with MLO sleeping straight through and no signs of throwing up or upset digestion. Success to the extra detox stuff she is eating, she even went to daycare!

Need two more nights for me to feel totally in the clear on it.

Last night grandma picked MLO up from daycare so I could catch up on some work. However grandma also had other friends come over and they didn't eat dinner. Now MLO gets dinner at daycare, but insists on another meal afterwards (she has two hollow legs). So she was a little cranky and just wanted to eat.

Luckily I had some snacks in the car (dried fruit which is great for longish storage in the car for emergencies). I also had some leftover chicken from dinner the night before which I quickly warmed up and she scarfed it down.

She didn't want to take a bath, but I had let her skip one the night before so she went anyway. After some protest she remembered how much fun she haves and then I couldn't get her out.

Didn't want to put PJs on, just the diaper, but it is a little chilly so I wrestled them on her.

Didn't want to go to bed, and I basically had to hold her down (not really) and read her favorite book while I was laying down. She then quickly fell asleep.

This morning, didn't want to get dressed, just stay in PJs. More wrestling so she could go to daycare.

I tell people she is my contrary child.

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