MLO was at grandma's house last night because it was hubby's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and we went out to dinner.

When I went to pick her up she was banging away at grandma's piano. Turns out they had spent a bunch of time looking at music and MLO had been playing the songs.

MLO started pulling binders (grandma has a lot of original sheet music of which some is kept in binders) out and putting them on the floor. I told her we should probably put them on the piano bench and not the floor. She agreed and moved them to the bench.

After that was done she start putting them on the floor again.

I asked her why she was putting them on the floor:

"Because (pause for dramatic effect) it is dark outside"

Can't argue with that sort of logic.

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kat said...

Okay so I am reading these backwards... I am reading the newest entries first and going back in time, sort of. The mention of the girl crying because "it was dark outside" was peculiar but now that I am reading that she said it already a day prior, I don't know why but I am cracking up. You are right - where IS this coming from???? Your daughter is too cute.