Sitting with daddy

MLO has been home (because of her illness, which I will cover below) a lot and so when daddy finally came home last night I rushed off to take a shower.

While I was enjoying my hot shower and no little one underfoot apparently MLO and daddy were really bonding.

When I came back out he told me how she sat down next to him and put an arm around him like I do sometimes. She drew Christmas trees with him and helped him finish up a snake he was eating.

I love it when they bond!!


On her illness, it appears her liver isn't operating at proper levels and her body is having trouble detoxing. She is therefore throwing up after it builds up and that is how her body is taking care of it.

I have her on some special stuff to help detox and get her liver working again. This includes peppermint tea, chamomile tea and beets. Still waiting to hear back on a parasite test (which included the lovely benefit of me having to get her #2 into two small sample containers).

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kat said...

Oh no! Poor MLO. I am late reading your blog and am reading in consecutive order... I hope her health improves with each entry!