MLO at Karaoke

We went to a friends house on New Year's Eve where a Karaoke party was happening.

My hubby was smart and sang right at the beginning, before there were very many people there so didn't have to sing to a huge group.

I, on the other hand, was trying to just get out of it all together (I can't sing people, really, except really simple songs or ones that I have known forever and then somehow I manage to stay near to the right key in my shower).

When the pressure first began on singing I managed to get out of it by having MLO sing. You see, they had a children's Karaoke CD and on it was the ABC song. MLO had so much fun singing it into the microphone that she did it twice.

Of course it was the most adorable thing ever and everyone was clapping and hooting and MLO had a big smile on her face. She had so much fun she wanted to go again after some other people were singing.

I ended up trying to sing My Boyfriend's Back because my sister and I used to sing it when I was little and I thought I could pull it off. No such luck, would have been better to put the mic to someone strangling a duck.

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