Waking up earlier and earlier

So MLO is getting into the practice of waking up earlier and earlier in the morning. Today was 6:30!

Fortunately for her, going along with this, she is going to sleep earlier and earlier. I tried keeping her awake longer so she will sleep in, boy was I dealing with one cranky 19-month-old and this is no fun either.

This morning I tried to let her cry herself back to sleep, but after ten VERY painful minutes I went and got her (she hasn't adventured into crawling out of the crib herself yet - thank goodness).

I usually don't go to bed until around midnight or so and so this means my sleep is getting chipped away at. I am okay now, my minimum to keep away any of my own crankiness is 6 hours.

I am just worried what will happen if the trend continues. I am hoping she will find her rhythm and I can then find mine.

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